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It has started to dawn on me this week that going to Japan means more than just going to Japan. It means I’m leaving behind many friends. I know, you’re thinking, “Duh, did you think you could be in 2 places at once?” But I guess I just didn’t think about it. I was so excited about going that I didn’t think about leaving. Maybe in the back of my mind I thought about it as a new job, where you can go during the day and meet new people and do new things but the weekends are still spent with your same old friends. You go home to the same house. You attend the same church. Eventually those things might change slightly, especially if you move to be closer to work, etc. But even those changes are still gradual. Moving to Japan will not be gradual.

Even knowing this, I’m still excited. I still think, “Oh my gosh, yay! I’m going to Japan!” Except now it’s quickly followed by, “Oh, but then that means I can’t be here for the wedding/play/party/weekly lunch outings/daily chats/anything.” I will miss everyone.


Just last week I Fed-exed my paperwork to Japan to obtain my missionary visa. Last Saturday, I had a garage sale to get rid of the things I had in storage. Amvets will be picking the rest up this week. Someone dropped off an application today for my job. It suddenly occurred to me that this is REALLY happening. I am actually going to Japan!