So I wrote a couple of weeks back that I would be making breakfast for a guest speaker.  The event is scheduled for this coming Sunday and I am ready to go.  Here’s the menu:

Breakfast casserole with ham, broccoli, mushroom, green pepper, onion, and Swiss AND cheddar cheeses

Homemade zucchini bread with raisins

English muffins with blueberry jam and/or butter (for those who don’t like raisins)

Fresh apples, bananas and strawberries

Orange juice and coffee or tea

All in all, I suppose it’s not the most exciting menu.  Breakfast is to be served at 7:30 AM, so I opted for a less time-consuming, all-in-one casserole rather than “the works” (pancakes, bacon, eggs, hash browns).  I SO did not want to begin cooking at some ridiculous hour like 5:00 AM.  In the best of circumstances, I would have loved to make something really impressive, like eggs benedict and some kind of amazing stuffed French toast .  I actually enjoy planning this sort of big deal thing, but my schedule is so tight as it is.  Besides, I’m sure our guest  will be looking forward to something different from Japanese food by now.  A good, hearty, American breakfast classic is just what he needs!  And to be honest, it’s just what I need, too 🙂