OK, cute story time.  At my apartment building, all the doors have mail slots on them.  This is in addition to a mailbox in the main lobby.  The mail slots usually receive sales flyers and the like that are delivered door-to-door (which is legal here).  So you can imagine my surprise when my roommate checked the door box and told me I had a letter.  It was from my little neighbor, Ayako.  She’s 4.  I don’t know what inspired her to write a letter to me, especially since we see each other often either in the neighborhood or at church.  But I’m glad she did because it just made my day.  It was in an envelope that said “To Jen” on the front and “Ayako” on the back.  It was sealed with a little fall-themed sticker (a leaf?  a mitten?).  And inside was a piece of notebook paper (partly torn on one side – it must have been a little tough for her to rip it out of the notebook evenly).  She drew a picture of (I think) me and her.  I’m pretty sure I’m the one with the dangly earrings.  Below it was written “Jen” and above it was written “You are pretty!”, although this last looks curiously like her mother’s handwriting.  The rest of the paper is covered in little stickers.  Doesn’t that just make you smile?  It’s SO going up on my wall at work.   And Amy E., if you read this, it TOTALLY reminded me of you and your girls 🙂