I just got back a few days ago from a week-long missions trip in Seoul, Korea.  There is so much to process!  But it has been impressed on me once again how very big the family of God is.  It was so great to see people from PM 2007, and also to meet lots of new people.  I felt so connected to everyone.  To know that we are all unified in Christ, even though we just met, is absolutely mind-blowing.  I was so sad to leave, and that really surprised me.  I know that God is not calling me to serve in Korea, but I would love to plan a short trip to visit everyone again without the hectic schedule.  I understand now what Paul meant when he would say in his letters how much he missed everyone, how he longed to see them again.  It was such a blessing to spend a week with my brothers and sisters, and it’s a privilege to continue praying for them.

Retreat Center roommates

Retreat Center roommates (from left: me, Amy, Esther, Hea Youn, Keren, Genny Rose)