I know how you all love my stories about funny cultural or language differences, so here’s my latest.  In my kids’ class this afternoon, we were learning the conversation, “Are those your new sneakers?”  “Yes, they are.”  “They’re nice.” We were substituting other clothing items, like boots, shoes, and of course pants.  It seemed like every time we got to pants, though, that the students would kinda laugh.  I really couldn’t figure out what was going on.  What’s funny about pants?  The picture was just plain old blue pants, so they couldn’t be laughing at that.  I gave up and just plowed ahead with the lesson and just chalked it up to one of those many little things that I just miss.  Then the helper, Mrs. Taniguchi, walked in and heard what was going on.  She looked at my confused expression and kindly explained that in Japan, “pants” is the word they use for underwear.  I felt really sorry for the little girl that got stuck with the pants card in the game we played.  No wonder she looked so embarrassed!