You know, I’m a little worried.  Yao City schools cancelled their classes all this week due to the flu.  I heard it called a “pandemic” on the news.  But then I heard (also on the news) that this flu that everyone is panicking about is really pretty weak, no worse than the regular flu.  It’s just very contagious.  So everyone is walking around wearing masks.  At prayer meeting tonight, we were given instructions on how to wash our hands and to get plenty of rest.  But the reason I’m worried is not that I will catch this flu.  I’m worried because everyone seems to be overreacting.  But it makes me wonder, am I underreacting? Maybe I need to be more worried about this.  I just can’t see the point of worrying about something that you really can’t prevent.  Now matter how much I wash my hands, or how much I stay locked inside my house, if I’m going to get the flu, I’m gonna get it.  And is that so bad?  It’s the flu for crying out loud.  I know, I know, people have died.  Well, try drinking some fluids so you don’t dehydrate!  Gee, if you have a really high fever, maybe you should go to the doctor. Is it me, or have we let the media influence us so much that we’ve forgotten common sense?