Today, we had our first Young Ladies Bible Study at Grace. In American terms, it would be the College/Career Women’s Bible Study, but here they call College/Career the Youth Group. Which is just weird, especially since some of the members are literally in their 50’s. I guess they think you are young until you get married. Then magically you become an Adult šŸ™‚
Anyway, I was surprised to find out that A) only one of them had ever been involved in a Bible study before this and B) that none of them have a study Bible, and that Japan doesn’t even really have them. I know that Grace doesn’t have any Bible study groups now, but it sounds as if they never really have. This was part of the reason we started this one. The most they’ve ever done is take a class where a pastor lectures and they take notes. They were so excited, and had so many things to say. And so many questions! Since they don’t have study Bibles, they don’t have access to the maps, notes, etc. that I have taken for granted. But I guess since there are so few Christians in Japan (about 1% of the population is Christian), there just isn’t a market for them. I never realized before that a developed country that has religious freedom could have this problem. It was so encouraging to be a part of a group being introduced to materials and information they’ve never known before. They were so hungry for it, and it made me hungry. I seriously can’t wait until our next meeting!