I am SO full right now. We went to this amazing dinner at the Ritz Carlton tonight for this Christian businessmen group thing called VIP. Granted, it was not a large dinner, but I could’ve gone to bed without starving. Amy, on the other hand, did not eat very much, so she was starving. On the way home, Dr. Horiuchi asked Amy if she had enough to eat, and she joked (not really) that maybe she and Dan would go to McDonald’s later. Next thing you know, Dae Hong, who was driving, was pulling into a McDonald’s. We all laughed and Amy was able to convince them that she was fine and was just joking (not really). Then, out of the clear blue, Dr. H points out a restaurant called Yoshinoya and says, “Jen, if you’re going to try beef bowl, this is the place to go.” I just said, “Really? I’ll have to try it.” I was completely puzzled as to why he said this to me because I have never talked to him about beef bowls or Yoshinoya. And I hadn’t said anything about being hungry. Sure enough, Dr. H tells Dae Hong to pull in because he wants me to try a beef bowl. Why me? I have no idea. So we all 7 of us got out of the car and, at 9:45 PM on a Monday night, after dinner at the Ritz, went and ate beef bowls. Except for Amy, who had rice and salad, and Dr. H, who ate nothing. It was delicious.  And now I don’t have to eat tomorrow.