It’s exam week. You know, as a teacher, I’ve found that you really want all of your students to do well on the test. Even the ones that drive you nuts in class. You want to see them succeed and you want to see that smile they get when they see a good grade. You can just imagine them going home and showing that test to their parents with pride.

Unfortunately, not all of them do well. Most of my students have done pretty well so far. I even had a 100%. But there are a few scores that just made my heart sink. I found myself looking over those tests again trying to find a way to add a point here or there. Not that that would be fair to the other students. And I didn’t change any grades, but oh I wanted to! How can I give a student a 55%? Or a 40%? But that’s what the student earned. I just hope they aren’t crushed.