I was talking to a visiting pastor recently and he asked how I came into a relationship with Christ. When he heard that I was taught as a girl to mistrust Christians, and that no one else in my family is a believer, he replied, “Wow. So it really is a miracle that you became a Christian.” I had never thought of it this way. But I guess it’s true. What a miracle that, against all the odds, I was drawn into a saving relationship with Jesus. What a miracle that, even though my family was telling me that this gift being offered to me was fake/bad/dangerous, God opened my heart to take it. But then I started thinking that it’s ALWAYS a miracle whenever anyone accepts Christ. Yes, there are people that have a little help or encouragement from friends or family. But the rest of the world is against us. It claims to offer us freedom, happiness, and so much more than Jesus can. And isn’t it against our very nature to accept salvation through Christ? We want what we want, and we are convinced we can do it ourselves. No matter how intelligent or sweet the words of our loved ones, they cannot change what’s in our hearts.

Thank you, Lord, so much for the miracle of this new life in Christ Jesus.