Do you know what the difference between an American barbeque and a Japanese barbeque is? As I mentioned before, they were all wearing sweatshirts. But the biggest difference was the food. When I hear the word “barbeque”, it conjures up pictures of hamburgers and hotdogs, sometimes chicken, potato salad and watermelon. My mouth actually starts watering. But here’s what the menu was at the Japanese barbeque I attended:

– Fish, grilled until it was black and crispy (which might have been a mistake)

– Squid

– Some kind of weird jello/tofu type thing that I’ve seen before and tastes like absolutely nothing but they say it’s healthy so I ate it anyway, grilled

– Yakisoba (fried noodles)

– Rice (of course)

– Butajiru (miso soup with pork)

Make no mistake, it was delicious! Just very odd. I mean, soup?

On a completely unrelated topic, I found out that some of my English students here in Japan are now reading my blog. How exciting! I’m so proud of them!