Last Saturday, I was teaching my high school class about homestays and the different rooms found in a house. You know: kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. So they were asking about a living room and I was trying to tell them about living rooms vs. family rooms, and I finally just “drew” a picture of the house I lived in when I was their age. They were shocked at the size! Believe me, we did NOT have a huge house, at least not by American standards. It was good-sized, but I had plenty of friends with larger ones. It was great – I have never seen them so interested in anything else I’ve taught so far. The thing that surprised them the most, though, was that we had more than one bathroom. They just could not wrap their heads around having more than one toilet or shower. They all said they wanted to move to America after that 🙂

Another big difference here is the way people dress for the weather. Lately, it’s been in the high 70’s and even as high as 80 here. I know many of you girls will understand when I tell you that I painted my toenails and broke out the sandals and capris. But no kidding, I went to a barbeque on Tuesday and people were still wearing sweatshirts. And I was the one they talked about! Jen and her “summer style”. You know what? It’s warm! I’m guessing that this is cool weather compared to what will come in the real summer months, and maybe I’ll be sorry that I gave in so quickly. But there is no way I am going to wear a sweatshirt when I’m standing out in the sun on an 80 degree day. So let them say, “Oh, she dresses like such an… American.” Let them gawk at my awesome summer tan that seems to be completely unacceptable and ridiculous here! It’s fine. If I have to be forced to live in a tiny box of an apartment, then I might as well be comfortable and look good doing it 🙂