So today is Saturday and you know what that means. That’s right; it’s Anime Night here in Japan! Actually, there are many anime programs on during the week as well, it being Japan and all, but Saturday night is my favorite. The one I really love to watch is called Gundam-something-or-other. I don’t know the whole title because it flashes too fast for me to read it. Keep in mind that 30 seconds is probably too quick for me to read, but hey – I’m learning! Anyway, I’m not really sure what the story is all about, but it seems to revolve around the lives and loves of a group of elite Gundam fighter pilots. Gundam I think is Japanese for “cool” or maybe “impossibly thin and attractive”. Because all these characters are both. In addition, I’ve gathered that they are very elite, since there are only about 6 of them. Some of the characters come and go, so I’m not really sure if they’re part of the team or just Gundam groupies. These characters never seem to do any fighting, but they may be part of the ground team. Someone has to control the radio and contact the important people and panic at the crazy fearlessness of the pilots and all.

I’m guessing that the Gundam pilots also have freedom to do whatever they choose, too. Maybe they are so elite that the government is unaware of their existence. I discovered this when one of the girl pilots seemed to kinda go off on her own mission. It looked like the Gundam pilots were flying back to base after completing another tough mission, and the one girl said, “Oh, I have to go, um, visit my mom, so I’m just gonna fly to my mom’s house, don’t worry about me. And don’t check up on me or follow me because really, I’m fine.” But I guess she really wasn’t fine because she showed up at this wedding and dropped a small bomb on it. I think it was her ex-boyfriend and he was getting married so she got ticked and jealous and decided to put an end to that business. But I never saw her get into trouble for it. I suppose there is a certain amount of privilege that comes with the Gundam name. And anyway, it’s gotta be tough being one of the elite. You can tell because the end credits show them all on the beach looking really miserable. One guy is cutting another guy’s hair, and then they show the scissors just lying on the sand. They’re so upset they can’t even cut one another’s hair on the beach! I can tell you I don’t envy them one bit. Even if they are impossibly thin and attractive.

The other show I like to watch is called Denno Koiru. The English title is “Coil a Circle of Children”. I have no idea how the title ties in, except that it is about a group of children. Children with…virtual reality glasses! I saw on a calendar in the show that the year is 2026, so it’s Japan in the future. And Future Japan sees the world through virtual reality. I don’t know if that means nothing is really there, or that the world is so dirty and ugly that they had to start wearing these glasses to cover it up. Virtual Reality Japan doesn’t look that different from Present Japan, but I guess you stick with what you know. Anyway, the kids run around discovering strange things through their glasses. I haven’t figured out yet why only the kids seem to be attuned to the weird stuff. Or why their parents are never around. Maybe they’re with Charlie Brown’s parents.

So that’s what I’ll be doing this evening. I know that you’re all insanely jealous that I get to gorge myself on strange new anime while the best you can do is watch a rerun of Dragonball Z or maybe Naruto. Dubbed in English. Us real anime fans watch in Japanese and make up our own stories.