I’m packing up the last of my stuff right now, all the little stuff that fits into the crevices. It’s amazing how much those space bags will hold! If you are ever completely overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you have to cram into a suitcase, I recommend calling Eric Deeter. If you could get a Master’s degree in Packing For a Trip, he should have an honorary one. But make sure he brings Sarah along with him so you also get the words of encouragement. They’re like a package deal, and I’m so glad they’re my friends.

My bank account is closed, my phone is shut off and my dresser drawers are all empty. Everything is so final. It doesn’t feel like it should be. I wish I had one more day. But I suppose if I had one more day, I’d still want one more after that, and I’d never go. I’ve put off a lot of things in my life, though most of them were minor and don’t make much of a difference in the long run. This would. Can you imagine if I just didn’t get on the plane? I just decided to sleep in and skip it? Tempting, but not really possible.

So I guess I will end here by just saying, “see you all later”. That other word you say when you leave is too hard. Why is this so different? A lot of my friends in college go away for months at a time. I see my sister maybe twice a year if I’m lucky, and my parents even less. Is it just that I’m crossing an ocean? I guess so. Whatever it is, I don’t like this. I wish it were 2 weeks from now and I was already starting to get used to being away. Sigh. I’ll miss everyone and hope that everyone will miss me enough to be excited to get an email from me. I promise it won’t be in Japanese—yet.