I just got back from Tucson. I was visiting my parents for Thanksgiving. It was a good visit, and it was very hard to process that it’s the last visit before I leave. It’s weird, it seems like such a big deal that I won’t see them for at least 2 years. But honestly, it’s been about 2 years since I last saw them (Christmas 2005). I guess it seems more drastic because I’ll be so much further away.

I got the CUTEST picture from my friend Amy’s little girl, Ashlyn. I guess she’s started drawing and coloring, so she drew a picture of “Aunt Jen”. I have it hanging on my wall by my desk. I’m gonna miss that little cutie! What if I come back and she doesn’t remember her Aunt Jen? I guess Amy will just have to keep showing her pictures and talking about me 🙂

Next up. I have to figure out where on earth the Consulate of Japan is. I received my Certificate of Eligibility from Japan, so I have to go get my visa. They granted me one year, though Keiko said it’s pretty easy to extend it while I’m there. How exciting! It’s very official-looking. Probably because it is official.

So many things bouncing around in my mind now. I guess I sound a little rambly. 41 days to go!