Keiko emailed me from Japan to tell me…they bought my ticket. I had this sinking feeling in my stomach last night because I was thinking about how I’m REALLY going. I’ll be gone for a LONG time. It’s so crazy going back and forth between being extremely excited and kinda sad/nervous. I could tell last night that if I just let myself go, I could really end up in an hysterical panic. So I keep asking God to help guard me from that. It’s so funny how our nature is COMPLETELY different from how God wants us to be. Sometimes I forget the truth of that. Then something like this happens and I realize that it’s only by the grace of God that I’m not uncertain and scared and depressed every day. Knowing that He takes care of me and that my purpose in life is to glorify His name goes an awful long way toward comforting me. It grounds me. Even when I’m in a plane flying over the ocean to bring me halfway around the world.